Living At Your Finest: 10-Week Total Wellness Reboot Camp

The Right Program For You!

The Right Program And Time For You
Let's Take This Journey Together!

✔️Are you ready to take back control of your life without dieting?

✔️Are you ready to get rid of the excuses that are holding you back from living at your finest?

✔️Are you ready for long lasting results of wholeness and vibrant living? 

If yes, it must mean you are ready to LIVE AT YOUR FINEST HOLISTIC HEALTH

This Program is for YOU if you're ready to...

  • End the struggle with worsening weight gain, chronic fatigue, and symptoms of generalized inflammation.
  • Prevent, treat or reverse chronic diseases by transforming your metabolism.

Why This Program Is Different From Others

  • I focus on what to add, not what to take away- restrain not restrict and no yo-yo dieting 
  • I am realistic and specific using a stepwise approach, so you are crystal clear on ways to achieve your optimal health of vibrancy
  • I set goals appropriate for your readiness to change, confidence, and self-efficacy to develop self-awareness of 1) Hunger and satiety 2)Emotional and environmental cues 3) Mindful eating strategies
  • Become whole and vibrant.
  • Improve your sleep.
  • Manage stress appropriately

  • I provide your continuous support as I have been on this journey before, so I understand what it takes to overcome the trips of chronic illnesses, inflammation, and lack of energy from excess weight gain.

What Does It Mean to Live At Your Finest Holistic Health?    BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT?

It means LIVING AT YOUR OPTIMAL BEST- WHOLE, VIBRANT & HEALTHY Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Reduce lifestyle related diseases by reducing inflammation,
hormonal imbalance &  poor gut health

Managing weight is essential for obtaining Optimal Health. It requires healing from the inside out.

What You Get from This Program

I use the 3 pillars (Discovery, Customization, Optimization) to provide you with the best outcome using the resources below:

Holistic roadmap tailored to your needs and goals

Personal lifestyle blueprint optimized scheduling of healthy habits

Fitness routine tailored to your body's needs and goals

A Shopping List by phases: What this means is that you will learn how to make trips to the supermarket super simple.

Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program.  

An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Forum: for daily support and to get your burning questions answered ASAP.    

Meal plan tailored to your taste buds packed with numerous delightful recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.

Wellness workshops with 18 educational workshops to help you optimize your health in all the different areas of Wellness focusing on lifestyle medicine

One on one coaching to assess individual needs and group coaching for accountability and to answer questions

Daily Email Support: To hold you accountable and provide you lots of love and encouragement when you need it

A Library of Evidence Based Resources to continue your journey and support system

Course Curriculum


LAYF is more than a health group to me. I could call it home, as you get to share without fear of being judged and learn without restrictions or limitations. I learned, unlearned, and relearned. Lots were covered from Fitness, Interaction, Nutrition, Exercising, Enrichment, Sleep &Taking a break. What more could I have desired to learn? The learning phase for me created an opportunity for me to tap into the health field, expanded my horizon & inspired my curiosity. It was 7 days but seemed like 7 years of learning. Thanks, Doc Babs for the inspiration and knowledge. When it comes to health, having a guide can never be over-emphasized. 
Tolu Alade
We bless God for the new things learned about sleep. God bless you, doctor. I am improving even when there is a break during my sleep period, I still adjust immediately to lay on the bed again. I've learned so much about the importance of sleep. May God reward you or for your humanity's sake. Love you. 
I'm grateful to God that I was privy to this healthy group. What motivated me to get interactive was not because I love chatting, I actually love my space, but because of other participants who contributed intelligent & fun messages to react to. Another reason was that Dr. Babs made the group fun, alive & interactive with different daily challenges & shared experiences. I'm grateful to God for everything that I learned & discovered during this period. Thank you, Dr. Babs, God bless.
Shade Nasiru

I hope you are ready to end the journey of yo-yo dieting with no significant improvement except more illnesses and frustration, and weight gain. It is time to embrace a Lifestyle Transformation journey that leaves you feeling whole, vibrant, and healthy.

Imagine losing 8-10% body weight as a side effect of applying the 6 pillars of the Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Program to your life? I provide you with an 8-week step-by-step wellness reboot camp customized to you, in addition to a bonus additional 4 weeks.

My promise for our private call, I will help you:
✔️Get crystal clear on your health and wellness goals  
✔️Identify what’s been keeping you stuck and how to get past those barriers
✔️Pinpoint specific steps you can take to start making progress now
✔️Find out if we are a great fit to work together.

If yes, you can sign up for the reboot experience.
If no, I will provide appropriate re-direction.