A Holistic Approach To Being Stress Free

To Optimize Your Health

A Practical Course to being WHOLE, VIBRANT, & HEALTHY 

We all know that STRESS rubs us of our comfort and peace of mind. Our minds races while our bodies tightens and if the stressors persist, it can even lead to difficulty sleeping and eating which as you can imagine deteriorates to numerous medical conditions. We know that stress is bad for our health but so many of us don't know how to stop it.

Stress and Hormone imbalances often cause fatigue, brain fog, chronic joint pain, weight fluctuation, insomnia, and even depression... but there is a solution

Do you,

  • Have multiple joint aches and pains from chronic inflammation?
  • Have uncontrollable weight fluctuations?
  • Have hormone imbalances, and other dysfunctions in the body?
  • Always feel triggered and sometimes out of control?

This course is for YOU if you’re ready to…

  • Take control of your health and relieve chronic fatigue and stress naturally.
  • Stabilize your hormone imbalances from the impact of chronic stress.
  • Become more mindful and present 


I struggled with chronic stress which led to me almost dying from a stroke following a hypertensive crisis with a blood pressure higher than 220/120. It was under a lot of pressure and little time or so I thought to take care of myself. So, I know firsthand, the cause and effect of chronic stress to the body. I made a conscious effort to save myself from a downward spiral and by the grace of God, I have learned the actionable and applicable strategies to share with you.


  • Instructional Videos
  • Personal Stress Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Ebook to enhance learning
  • Accountability Checklist

A Holistic Approach to Stress Management

Course Curriculum

Managing Stress Using A Holistic Approach will take you from being stressed and burned out to being of sound mind and blossoming

You have access to this course for the life time of the course.


"Content reveals a passion for helping people live healthy and fit lifestyles without necessarily depending on medication. Highly informative and educative, Dr. Babs' group WhatsApp sessions are also clear, concise highly interactive, leaving people asking for more."
Moji Omibiyi Omisade
"Living At Your Finest is more than a health group to me. I could call it a home, as you get to share without fear of being judged and learn without restrictions or limitations. The learning phase for me created an opportunity for me to tap into the health field, expanded my horizon & inspired my curiosity. Thanks Doc Babs for the inspiration and knowledge. When it comes to health, having a guide can never be over emphasized."
Tolulope Bamidele Alade
"I would like to say thank you to Dr. Babs for the good work she’s doing and for all the encouragement we get from this finest approach. I set health goals over the years but have not been able to meet them consistently. I meet them and surpass them."
Mayokun Aladeniyi
"I love the topics you address Dr. Babs. You teach and educate us and you give ways to improve and do better to "Live our Finest." Thank you for all you do to help us improve!!"
Kim Harrison
"Great content and highly informative! There’s so much care taken to give information that is relevant, clear and consistent."
Omolola Adekeye
"Love the topics you discuss Dr. Babs. Teaches us to live life more mindfully. Thank you so much."
Ronita Bhattacharya
"Very inspiring and educative."
Olabimpe Oladejo

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Living at your Finest Stress

$100 USD
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✔️I am a board-certified Family Physician, Wellness Strategist with background in Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine
✔️Founder of Living At Your Finest Company- Podcaster and YouTuber.
✔️Engaging Speaker for American Heart Association, Local and Regional Conferences and Church Organizations
✔️I am a wife, mother of 3, author of an inspirational book, an adventure seeker, and a community lover.


It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie online course, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes. So, you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year!

The program material is yours to keep for LIFE! We'll keep it available on our website for at least one year from your date of purchase and you'll be able to download a copy of everything to your computer.You can access the course from any and all internet devices you own.

No. This course is only for the individual who purchases it. Sharing course login details or viewing it with others is a copyright violation.

This course doesn’t require any changes to your medications in order for you to be successful, however the implementation of a more holistic lifestyle may subsequently have the added indirect "side effect" of improving some chronic conditions. Continue to remain in communication and under the care of your trusted healthcare provider as you undergo this transformation, so that your treatment can be appropriately. transitioned/weaned off as necessary

Some supplements or other holistic treatments are mentioned throughout the course, but not required and you should always consult with your personal healthcare provider before adding a new supplement/vitamin to your daily regimen.

Results will vary for each person. Your commitment to following the guidelines and implementing the recommendations will determine your success. It's not uncommon for individuals to experience improvement in symptoms after implementation of these basic but powerful lifestyle changes. There are no guarantees when it comes to your health...but that is no reason not to try to have the best health possible. And I think you will be happy with the progress you make during the course.

Due to the digital nature of Your Online Mini-Course and the fact that you could possibly consume it in just a few, short hours—we typically do not offer refunds. However if you’re truly completely unsatisfied (which I strongly doubt) or you have some other extenuating circumstance, please reach out to customer service at support@livingatyourfinest.com and we will be happy to help.

Course Pricing

Living at your Finest Stress

$100 USD
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